The Henry Sy Sr. Hall is comprised of state-of-the-art facilities in a five-story building. It includes the Paradiso Exhibit Hall; Pamana Museum; Liwanag Innovation Center; Pardo Theater; Biyaya Gathering Hall; Chinshi Contemplation Garden; Entheos; Harmony & Discovery; and Ani Culinary Corner.


Paradiso Exhibit Hall

The Paradiso is the perfect venue for exhibitions. This exhibit hall has operable walls that can turn this exhibit hall into 2 function rooms and hold simultaneous exhibits or events. Exhibition pieces will be hanged from the ceiling using acrylic panels. Lights are also installed to enhance the art appreciation. This hall also has a projector and sound system for music and videos presentations.

Liwanag Innovation Center

Liwanag is the Innovation center of the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. We look forward in conducting creative and design classes here such as Painting, Jewelry Making, Collage Making, terrarium making and others. The room incites your creativity by featuring eclectic materials and surfaces.  The ceiling has a contemporary design; exposing the pipes gives you the Soho feel. The room also has 2 black board wall that you can use in brainstorming and design. This room also has a sink that is very useful in art classes. There are also 2 small meeting rooms that can be used for presentations, meetings and brainstorming. A coffee kiosk will also be available at the hall way.

Pardo Theater

The Pardo Theater sits 188. This theater has a five thousand lumens projector and dynamic sound system that is perfect for film showing and video presentations. We also conduct Talking Circles here, which is a 40 minute presentations with a Q and A afterwards. This theater is also perfect for small performances like repertoires from classical guitarist and Open Improvs.

Biyaya Gathering Hall

This gathering hall sits about 450 in banquet style. Events such as the ACHS Prom and AC Institutional Christmas Party will be conducted in here. This Gathering hall is equipped with a projector and sound system perfect for any kind of presentation. There is also a caterer’s prep area outside with countertops and sink.

Entheos Space

Entheos Space is a flexible room equipped with mirrors and sound system. Movement, Yoga and Spiritual Awakening retreats will be conducted here. The space will also have mats to make the movement experience comfortable.


Chinshi Contemplation Garden

The Chinshi Contemplation Garden is space overlooking a Japanese rock garden. This space is perfect for small meditation and movement classes.

Harmony & Disovery

Harmony Review Room will house psychological assessments, LET Review Classes, English as a Second Language Classes and Others. This is a flexible room that can be used in different lectures.

The Discovery is a meeting and discussion room with an adjacent observation room that can be used in focused group discussions. The observation room has a one-way mirror that is very conducive in getting insights from Focus Group Discussion respondents.

Ani Culinary Corner

The Culinary corner is the perfect venue for cooking and pastry classes. Ani will also have a close circuit camera and television to make the learning experience easier. Ani can also host food plating and table arrangement classes.