Vegan Vegetarian

Feel inspired to try new Vegan and Vegetarian recipes!🍴

“Cooking is sharing. Some people eat to stay healthy and alive but for me cooking is something you do to share, it’s what gathers people so that’s very important.” — Chef Xavier Btesh

Vegan-Vegetarian Cooking Class is an afternoon culinary experience with Quorn Philippines and Chef Xavier Btesh. Chef Btesh taught on how to cook and serve healthy and plant based dishes for your family and friends! Students learned the basic and simple ways of cooking hearty and meat-free dish.

Chef Btesh and his students cooked vegan dishes such as: Vegan Sisig, French Basque Stew and Bicol Express while on vegetarian dishes they cooked: Lasagna and Greek Moussaka. Explore the wonders of Vegan and Vegetarian food!🍴