Hub of Light

share your lightWhat is the Hub of Light?

The Hub of Light is a hive for volunteers who want to become messengers of love. Its goal is to plant flowers of Simplicity, Integrity, Oneness, Nature, Yes and…, Awareness, Committed Action, and Entheos – empathy, compassion, truth, reconciliation, and surrender – in cyberspace through online social media content such as photos, videos, articles and so on.

It is a message distribution center that aims to share positive messages throughout social media. The messages sent through Hub of Light will be non denominational which has no religious affiliation or propaganda and no political messages.

bee hive 2.jpg

How does it work?  

As the volunteers move from flower to flower, message to message in social media, they will share [retweet, repost, resend] the online content from the Hub of Light to their own spheres of influence in cyberspace.

With this, instead of sharing negative posts online, the volunteers make a conscious effort to share something positive to their peers. Hence, instead of cultivating a culture of negativity, we allow positivity to thrive and influence one’s daily disposition.

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