Entheos Retreats

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Entheos means “in God” (“God” meaning the Source or absolute Source). Entheos Retreats are spiritual exercises designed for the spiritual element in corporate teams and leadership, NGO staff and participants, educators, and individuals seeking methods of contemplation and meditation.

The concept of Entheos comes from the idea that we dwell in God (the Source). We often think of God as outside ourselves. Entheos exercises enable realization of inner God (the Source within), and bring a deep mindfulness, stillness, and joy. Entheos retreats guide participants to slow down and recognize the present moment as God’s Kingdom (the “world” of the absolute Source) on earth. The exercises are a unique combination of different spiritual practices, creative exercises including movement, masks, music and drums.

Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably. Live drums, music, masks and different creative expressions lead the participant to deeper awakening.

For inquiries, Call at (02) 894 3604 local 1014-16 or email us at inaycircle@gmail.com